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For the past few weeks, crankiness, friction, and minor issues have plagued the collective. But so too have many of us been energized to take action and feel a sense of busy-ness, perhaps even urgency. 

On one level, spirit is forcing us to confront those things that bother us. To engage in psychological release by reflecting on old, uncomfortable memories and patterns of behavior. We're meant to observe our triggers so that we can hopefully consciously process those things and move on. Many are also realizing their call in life at this time and feeling a heightened sense of purpose. 

Spirit is pushing us to level up internally to prepare us for the next phases of our storylines - not only as individuals, but also as a collective. We are seeing the collapse of societal structures, much turbulence and change. Much of that process of transformation - which has been happening for the past several years, going back to 2019 - is going to be amplified within this year. 

There's a lot of rapid development and high energy in 2024 - pay attention to the eclipse season in particular over this next month. Eclipses act as the arm of fate and tend to shift many of us forward in a massive way. 

Pay attention to what your inner intuitive compass is directing you to do. What calls your focus at this time?

If you'd like assistance with personal guidance on your path, and specific advice on how to handle the current energy in your life - you can book an intuitive session with me here.


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