Wow it's always inspiring for me to realize there are people who are just literally psychic - and Ley definitely is! She is a highly recommended seer -- glad I finally got around to meeting her - only wish I booked a longer session!

David, MA

My experience with Ley was very eye-opening. Her interpretations of my situation were spot on and her descriptions of her visions were so detailed that I could clearly see in my head what she was talking about; it was like she was painting a picture. It was amazing! I’m definitely booking another session with her in the future!

Erica, Reno, NV

Life-changing and eye-opening. Talking to Ley was incredibly insightful. It was felt as if I was speaking to a past-life friend and healer in one. I couldn’t contain my excitement with this reading and everything mentioned during the reading had aligned with everything that had happened to me in the past few months of my life. Ley has a calming aura and is easy to talk to, so I am looking forward to future readings with her.

Teresa, Garden Grove, CA

I have done dozens of tarot readings and not one has given me such accuracy like you have. I am shook, I never had a reading so accurate and dead on dates and years. How you knew about ups and downs and how many years it took to be out of this rut. Also very happy about what the future has in store for me as well. I'm so amazed by the information given to me. My mom who is a skeptic was more in shock on how the message was relayed. She was able to validate every bit of information given to her. I really needed a closure, with my father. I will for sure will be coming back with an update and doing more spiritual work with you. You are legit a true medium.

Patricia, Hollister, CA

This reading was really affirming for me in coming back to the inner child work I need to do, and that healing opening up other aspects of myself. I see the messages even more clearly a few weeks later, making sense as I move through life and make shifts for my healing~ I am grateful for all the messages that needed to come through, reminding me of what I seek comes back to nourishing myself! Ley is a wonderful and powerful channel, offering clarity around needing to release patterns & returning to my spirit + power!

Khushboo, Los Angeles, CA

My experience was amazing, I was completely mind blown by the accuracy in my reading. I got chills at times and I knew everything we spoke about resonated so much with me. I learned so much about my situation and gained a whole new perspective but also gained a sense of peace as well. It was my first time ever receiving a reading and it was beautiful. she was so sweet and patient and made me feel comfortable. You truly have a gift and will book again!

Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA

My [birth chart] consultation with Ley was an extremely eye opening experience. I have always felt that I’ve had a general understanding of myself when it came to my values, purpose, and personality. However, even with my general understanding of myself, there were times I would be unsure of what my true values were. After I had my consultation with Ley I felt an immediate sense of ease within myself. This didn’t come from any promise of wealth or happiness but the reassurance of who I truly was as a person. Ley articulated my sense of self better than I could have to others at that point. In addition to the accuracy of Ley’s reading I couldn’t thank her enough with the preparation and professionalism she presented. I was able to gain invaluable insight about myself through this process. For that reason, this experience was priceless.

Mateo, Long Beach, CA

I came in having a general sense of how the reading would go due to previous intuitive readings on Instagram. Ley did a great job on explaining the images she was receiving and clarifying who the message would refer to. She brought me lots of clarity and I felt more at peace after the reading. My body felt more grounded as I have been in my head and Ley/spirit guides confirmed that I need to release and let things unfold. I am thankful to have booked a reading with Ley.

Anonymous, Frederick, MD

Overall my consultation with Ley felt very positive. I've worked with other psychics/healers in the past, but Ley was uniquely understanding of where I was coming from and what type of guidance I was seeking. The intuitive messages Ley received during our session affirmed the changes I was planning to make in my life, as well as the overall shift in energy I was feeling for this year. Although it was mostly big picture messages, it all felt very personal and relevant to my present. I wasn’t necessarily interested in specific outcomes or answers, but in the actual process of the session. They also encouraged me to get more in touch with my spiritual side so I can heal and grow holistically. Their intuitive skills, empathetic nature, and active listening made our session very helpful and almost therapeutic. I saw openings in specific areas of my life where I can grow so I can live my life to the fullest. Although they're very young in this life, they are a very old soul that makes you feel safe which is key for any spiritual session where you are opening up and being vulnerable. For sometime I felt like I was walking in the dark, but after the session I felt I could see more clearly my surroundings and more importantly I was able to release some of my most pressing worries. That in itself is something priceless.

David, Los Angeles, CA

Ley is a very talented and skilled intuitive. The way she connects with the spirit guides and channels messages from them is amazing! It comes quickly to her, and she interprets and explains them immediately. She also makes sure to check-in once in a while to accommodate my needs. She gives good advice and ensures the client has a good grasp of the message before the session ends. The 30-minute session went by so quickly that I wished I booked a full hour instead! Highly recommend getting a reading with her!


Dulce, Encino, CA 

Excellent! I received the message I NEEDED to receive about a situation I was questioning and I knew my intuition was right. I also received a beautiful message that made me feel peace.

I had a really wonderful Spirit Guide Greetings reading with Ley. She really confirmed and affirmed all the signs I had been seeing and the connections I had been feeling with certain spirit guides. After this session I really feel confident deepening my current spiritual practices even more and have even more of a grateful feeling towards my guides and their blessings on me. Ley is really gifted and I would highly recommend having a reading with her if you are looking for an affirming and intuitive insight into your life, your spirituality, your ancestors or any other area you feel called to!

This was my second reading with Ley. In my opinion I think it's wise to stick to a few readers you really trust - whether it's tarot/Intuitive readings or any other forms of divination instead of running around getting loads of readings done from a million different people! As such I would highly recommend Ley as your trusted intuitive guide as not only did I feel very safe and extremely comfortable during the session, but she also encourages you to follow and develop your own intuition and develop your own relationship with your spirit team and higher self. Highly recommended her as a sensitive and intuitive guide who is divinely skilled and encourages you to grow and develop yourself!

Anonymous, Mumbai, India

Ley was really helpful and kind. She definitely knew what she was talking about and was very insightful!

Riya, St. Louis, MO | Past Life Reading

So great! Ley helped me confirm a lot of my own intuitions and helped clarify things regarding my romantic relationships, career, general future.

Donna, San Diego, CA

My experience with Ley was excellent! I got a recording of my session and I listened to it periodically throughout the year to check in with the guidance I received from her. It was really reassuring and grounding to see how some of the themes she had mentioned were playing out in my life. She has a gift and I'm grateful she's sharing it with us!

Rama, Austin, TX

Ley was so patient and kind and explained everything thoroughly with me during the reading and even beforehand! She was very understanding of my questions and gave me insight on what was happening as well as reassurance for everything and her reading really resonated with me! Will definitely be booking another reading with her again :)

Nina, Toronto, Canada

Working with Ley has been amazing! The reading I had with her made so much sense and she was very patient with answering all the questions I had. She was very personable and calm and I felt at ease during our session. I can’t recommend her enough and look forward to future readings!

Karen, Vienna, VA

Kelsey, WA

Amazing! Would absolutely get more readings from her! Very professional and encouraging! Totally worth it!

AMAZING! Ley really knows how to recenter her clients and make them feel comfortable. She made me feel seen, heard, validated, and affirmed. She describes her readings extremely well, and her memes representation also adds an amazing touch. I always walk away from Ley’s readings feeling satisfied and at peace. I can’t say enough things! She has helped me grow spiritually, and for that, I will always be grateful. :)

Venus, San Bruno, CA

My reading with Ley was great! Ley’s thoughtful, generous, and distinguishing answers made my experience both tremendously positive and very helpful. Ley was very open to feedback and questions that helped me understand things better throughout our session. Scheduling was easy and the option to record our session is a plus! I was enthralled to see how quickly we delved into deeper topics and how our conversation still felt welcoming and hopeful. And I was most grateful to have Ley’s answers highlight the importance recognizing and being in my own power. I would highly recommend others to Ley not only for the services’ really reasonable prices and the level of professionalism, but also for the quality of the reading – meticulous preparation, keen judgment, and caring warmth - that made our session feel exceedingly affirming. Lastly, Ley is remarkably adept with expressing all the contours in the emotionality and imagery in her answers that hearing her talk about her intuitions felt very much like listening to poetry.

Vy, San Jose, CA

Super professional and helpful. I loved my first tarot reading experience.

Natalie, Costa Mesa, CA

I was so grateful and appreciative to receive an energetic healing session from Ley. She was very thorough and made the setting extremely comfortable. I felt really at ease and especially enjoyed the 10-15 minutes after where she relayed any messages of healing or releasing from Spirit and/or my guides. In the following days, you might experience some residual feelings of releasing, letting go, or continued healing. I definitely felt this in the following two days after my session with Ley, and now it's been over a week and I feel my reality shifting to a higher vibration and I'm continuing to release things and break patterns that no longer serve me. If you are considering receiving any sort of healing, you HAVE to go with Ley. Her intuition and insight is on point. <3

Annie, San Diego, CA

I had such a great experience and reading with Ley! She completely put me at ease and explained everything in detail, as well as how the whole consultation would go. She was prompt to respond to my inquiry for a consultation. She was so reaffirming during my reading and allowed me to ask any questions, if I needed any clarifications though I didn't think I needed any because she was so spot on and in tune with my higher self already!

Annie, San Diego, CA

This experience was really insightful! I've never really done anything like this before, and so I really appreciated how Ley talked me through the process and what we'd be going over during this session. She went into great detail as to what each card represents and examples of its applications. As our session progressed I realized how her knowledge was well complemented with the passion she has for this talent.

Jane, Detroit, MI

Excellent and eye-opening.

LH, Alameda, CA

Justin, Los Angeles, CA

My overall experience was alarmingly profound. Ley was able to describe portions of my life that have been brewing underneath the surface and give it a visual narrative.

Ley's gifts are really spot on and the messages are relayed in a way that help to widen the awareness of self. It is amazing how clear the messages can come. I appreciate how Ley shares them with gentleness, care, and curiosity.

John Jairo, La Puente, CA

I really appreciate the space Ley creates, it's a very comfortable space and she makes sure you get a chance to ask questions after or give the okay if she's about to delve into something that might be uncomfortable. I did the Keep, Release, Welcome reading and I think it's definitely a good reading to start off with if you feel like you need a nudge in the right direction. Ley will also give some suggestions too if there are particular topics you are interested in exploring. I'm sure I'll be going to Ley more often in the near future. If you're reading this and hesitating, take this as a sign. There's a lot of different consultations to explore on her website. Would recommend!

Patricia, Berkeley, CA

Ericka, Staten Island, NY

Amazing! Its crazy how detailed the reading is she surprises me every time! Will definitely book more in the future!

Patricia, Riverside, CA

My experience was 100 percent amazing! I loved all of it you were so spot on and I felt that I was on a safe space.

Anonymous, Calgary, Canada

Her intuition is so good!! The things she said were so spot on, it was scarily amazing. She offered insightful advice that will help me go through with what I’m dealing with based on the cards she intuitively sees

Kamryn, Roselle, IL

THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I’m so grateful that I got clarity and received so much loving healing that changed my life. Thank you so much