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A Friend

on the line

a radio show on spirituality, politics, and life.



streamed live right here.

recordings available as a podcast. 


music featured on air:

EPIsode 7

An in-depth analysis on people pleasing and its most common causes. Ley discusses the childhood traumas that most often lead to developing this habit, then details practical advice on how to reprogram psychological wiring to enable a more authentic self. Guest Natasha shares her own experiences as a people pleaser and her journey in setting better boundaries, as well as receives messages from her spirit guides through Ley.


EPIsode 6


Ley and guest Aiko Vapor share stories about toxic relationships, unhealthy attachment styles, and learning to break patterns based on early childhood experiences and family dynamics. Includes a breakdown of tell-tale signs of abusive behavior as well as guidance on how to reground in self-love and cut energetic cords of attachment. 

EPIsode 5

The dream series

Ley interprets two dreams about visiting a bedroom in an airport and an uncomfortable visit to a spiritual council. Tune in for discussion on how travel symbolism relates to personal journeys and how the soul processes memories of the spirit realm through dreams.


EPIsode 4

The dream series

Ley analyzes a guest's dream about dating an Instagram acquaintance on some cliffs by the sea and eventually receiving an ominous text from his real-life girlfriend. Learn about how the subconscious seeks comfort, explores fantasies, and processes romantic relationships through dreams.

EPIsode 3

the dream series

Learn how to analyze your dreams based on the people, places, plots, and symbols that show up in your dream space. This episode focuses on differentiating between the conscious, subconscious, and intuitive aspects of self, as well as the connection between our spirits and the physical + astral realms. Ley ends with an on-air dream interpretation for a couple special guests. 


EPIsode 2

Soul meets body 

Ley (@mahiwagaley) and guest Krupa Patel discuss soul origins, past lives, trauma, and healing one's relationship with the body. The episode ends with an intuitive reading on creativity, stress, and work.

EPIsode 1

Inner child healing

Ley (@mahiwagaley) and guest Samuel Askia discuss inner child healing, especially in relation to parent-child relationships, sibling dynamics, un/healthy relationship models, feeling like an outcast, and self-hate vs. integration of the self through total love. The show ends with a live intuitive reading on how to heal the body’s relationship to movement and physical / self-expression.

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