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REQUIRED: birthday, birth time, and place of birth. 

Delivery Options

I prefer to carry out conversations with clients as part of a more interactive, collaborative process of understanding. Consultations can be held over the phone; in-person appointments are currently on hold due to Covid-19. 




A 1hr discussion of the themes in your birth chart that are most important for you to be aware of at this moment. This consultation type draws on both astrological techniques and my intuitive faculties in order to relay information that goes beyond what astrology alone could extrapolate. Here, my observations of your natal chart serve as a jumping point for further messages from spirit. This is a wonderful reading type for those of you who want an in-depth look at the major lessons you've signed up to learn in your current lifetime.

Shooting Star



This 1hr consultation is especially intended for those who don't have a reliable birthday or time, but even those who have a known day + time of birth are welcome to book this session type. The Timeless Life Map intuitive consultation provides a bird's eye overview of what your soul is meant to experience in this lifetime based on what your soul set out for yourself prior to incarnation. Insights provided in this reading may cover your temperament, attitude, and upbringing, as well as  your major relationships and overall narrative arc throughout this lifetime.  This session is intended to provide a greater peace of mind in understanding that your life has purpose, and that the challenges and triumphs you face are all a part of your soul's destiny on this earth.

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Synastry is the art of assessing the birth charts of two individuals in order to determine the potential for compatibility and conflict between them. Relationship astrology can be used to better understand the dynamics not only between love interests, but also between family members, friends, colleagues, and so on. A synastry consultation begins with an interpretation based on the chart comparison, followed by an enhancement of this initial understanding via dialogue with you, the querent. This type of consultation generally takes around 40 minutes, including time for questions.

Please note that the lived interaction between two people is often vastly more complex than the picture suggested by both birth charts, and dependent on the maturity of the individuals involved. Nothing is promised, only potential. Events depend on the choices of all parties involved. Even the most auspicious aspects may not manifest if you and your companion choose to facilitate friction over harmony. Similarly, the nature of a synastry chart won’t necessarily matter if the person you’re inquiring about isn’t someone you don’t know very well and don’t end up interacting with on a deeper level.

Another important note - a person’s birth time is extremely personal information, and in nearly all cases a person must directly consent to reveal their time of birth to you. A basic level of trust is therefore necessary to produce the most accurate synastry chart, which takes into account the houses of both persons’ birth charts. House placement is determined by birth time and the various houses represent different areas of a person’s life. Without the other person’s birth time, the synastry reading won’t be as accurate, and will only take into consideration how the other person’s planets affect your own in light of the houses of your birth chart.

Not Currently Available



A 45-minute discussion of how you approach love, romance, and sexuality. Delves into the themes that frequently occur in your relationships, including the type of personalities you tend to gravitate to. Also describes the person you will likely form a partnership with.

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