A personalized reading in which I deliver messages from source via my intuition. I can relay general messages as part of an open-ended reading, or conduct a session based on a question that you specify beforehand. We can also work on a topic that you choose from the available reading types below.

If my standard rates are not accessible to you, you can find more info on sliding scale payment options here.



An open-ended session in which I relay messages without any predetermined prompt.

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A consultation in which I open with brief general messages and then delve into whatever questions you'd like insight or guidance on. 

Recommended: Book a 15-min reading for a single question, but for big topics or multiple questions, bookings must be for at least half an hour.

If you're interested in multiple reading types, book this session and note your areas of interest in the comments.

Pink Clouds


A discussion of a dream of interest in which I work with you to break down the message and meaning of the dream, as well as use my intuition to add or confirm any further relevant insights. 


$35 for 30min 

Pink Petals


A session in which I relay intuitive messages on your love life. Topics covered may include past, current, and/or future love interests; advice on how to navigate any present obstacles; and insights on how prior experiences have informed your current attitude and behavior in regard to love.

Arch Wall with Curtain


This reading is for those of you who wish to make contact with a loved one who has transitioned into spirit. I describe the spirit who comes through in specific detail so you can confirm their identity, and then I relay any messages that the spirit wishes to impart. 

When you book this session type, please comment with the spirit's name and relationship to you on your form. 

Hiking Path


Each person has a team of angels, teachers, and healers in spirit that serve to guide and protect the individual on their path in life. This session type introduces you to whichever guides on your team wish to present themselves to you at this time, as well as communicates the messages those guides have to offer.

Sunset in the Forest


Souls often choose to incarnate into families carrying patterns that resonate with the soul's past-life history as well as their goals for their current incarnation. This consultation can provide insight into notable ancestors in spirit,  your current relationship dynamics with family, and significant themes that you embody as a continuation of your lineage. Overall, this reading aims to bestow a greater understanding of one's intended spiritual experiences and lessons in the context of incarnate family and heritage.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Our childhood experiences helped form fundamental attitudes or beliefs that shape how we engage with the world in our present years. Sometimes we learned to integrate limiting behaviors or perceptions of self, however, that hold us back from radiating our true selves at our greatest potential. Book this session with me to uncover pivotal past experiences so that you can release any inner blocks and better attune yourself to self-love.



I relay messages from spirit to determine the root causes of any emotional blockages that you may carry. I identify such sources as, for example, specific childhood experiences or negative relationship dynamics that you may have experienced or witnessed in the past. This consultation also then describes any unhealthy coping mechanisms you still carry out as an adult, as well as practical advice on how to heal your inner wounds and repattern any self-inhibiting mindsets and behaviors.


I would generally advise longer consultation lengths for this reading type, as well as recommend that anyone interested in Emotional Clearing also check out my energetic healing services.

Butterfly on Branch_edited.jpg


A consultation in which we look into which themes from your past lives are currently impacting your present life. This reading serves to illustrate such topics as recurring roles that you've played, the past-life history of significant relationships in your life, and lessons built up over multiple lifetimes that your soul is still working to master. 

Sand Dunes


Every soul chooses the most significant aspects of their life prior to incarnation, including physical makeup, childhood experiences, family dynamics, and other pivotal relationships. This consultation serves as a comprehensive overview of such details and major themes that your soul sought to experience in this lifetime. I provide insight into challenges that you signed up for in order to progress in your personal spiritual evolution, as well as guidance on how to navigate them. This reading leaves you with a higher awareness of self and context, as well as a greater sense of empowerment to continue with your journey in this lifetime.

Beach at Sunset


A session in which I tune into your energy and discern what your higher self is like. This service is particularly helpful if you feel like you’ve lost your way or like you’ve forgotten who you are. If you wish to remember how wonderful and loved you truly are, I’m here to remind you. During the session I may receive visions that speak to the vibration of your spirit or images that would be helpful for you to meditate on in your own time.

Additional notes:

Psychometry is a form of divination in which the reader holds a personal object that belongs to the querent. Though this isn’t necessary for me to tune into your energy, I’d like to practice my skills in psychometry. If you’re interested in participating, please bring a personal possession to the meeting.

Energy healing, which is essentially the transmission of divine universal love, goes hand in hand with higher self work and is available to you during this service if you’d like.



For any of you interested in developing your own intuition and receiving messages from spirit directly, I use this session to identify how your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you. In doing so, I determine what your strongest intuitive faculties are (i.e., clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc.) as well as which latent skills you have the potential to exercise. 

I also pinpoint any blocks you might have to your intuition - such as fear, nervousness, or excess dependence on the rational mind - and describe practices you can undertake to clear those blocks. Recommended activities for further opening up your intuition, tailored to you specifically, are also included in this reading type. 



A 1 hour consultation that reviews what you’ve learned over the past year and provides an in-depth overview of your life over the coming year. I determine your major goals and lessons, as well as the gifts and challenges that either ease or obstruct your path. This reading can also specifically examine such subjects as your emotions and relationships; career, work, and finances; health and wellbeing; and spiritual energy and fulfillment. I also draw on intuitive insights in order to supplement the overall picture of the year to come and give you any messages that spirit wants you to be aware of. This is an excellent reading for birthdays and the beginning of the calendar year.

Water Drops


As you make progress in your journey, new details come to light to help you navigate where you are in the present moment. An intuitive session package is perfect for people who’d like to further heal and gain guidance on the major themes and issues that were unveiled in a longer preliminary consultation. If you’ve booked an hour-long reading with me and would like to follow up with shorter sessions, you can purchase a bundle of half-hour appointments. This package also works well for clients who are simply confident in my services and know they would like to commit to booking multiple sessions with me at some point in the future.

*Please note that as these packaged sessions are discounted as compared to the regular intuitive reading rate, bundle purchases are not eligible for any sales or promotions unless otherwise specified.