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Sessions can be held over the phone through long-distance healing. Sessions held in person can take place in either Los Angeles or San Diego, California. 

For more information on sliding scale payment options, click here.

White Plants


Everything and everyone is made out of energy. You can probably recognize when your energy feels positive and in flow - it's the feeling of doing something you love, of knowing who you are, of experiencing clarity by being fully present in the moment. However, when you experience ongoing emotions like sadness, stress, apathy, or confusion, these feelings may manifest for you as energetic blocks. 

Energy healing helps clear such blocks in order to reconnect you with your true self and spirit. You may be familiar with energy healing through the term "the laying on of hands," or you may have heard of the more specific styles of reiki and healing touch therapy. All these forms of healing do the same work of cleansing the aura via realignment of the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. 


I offer both in-person and long-distance healing, and generally tend to relay messages from spirit at the end of each session. If you'd like more space for messages, I'd recommend booking an appointment of at least 40min. Otherwise, almost the entirety of a 20min session will be reserved for the energetic healing, with little to no time for messages.

If you're curious about spiritual healing, please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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