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TAROT MESSAGE: Let Self-Awareness Spur Your Heart's Desire

💌 MESSAGE: Judgment + Knight of Cups

What have you learned over the past few months about what you truly want to pour your heart into? For many, recent situationships, halfhearted flirting, and a lack of deeper reciprocity in general have caused you to reevaluate what you really want out of a relationship and what kind of person you want a relationship with. Let the absence of your heart’s desire fortify your resolve to pursue what you’re passionate about. At this point you know what lights you up. Seek that, and nothing less, because true love doesn’t come in half-measures. Shift your energy away from entertaining distractions and direct your active, conscious efforts toward that which resonates with your soul. And - the Judgment card reminds us that when we know who we are, we’re better able to meet other people. When you’ve passed through the fire and confronted yourself completely you no longer project your shadow self onto others, which often entails placing unrealistic expectations on a partner or potential love interest. Stand in your power and you will find that you can see the person before you with clear eyes. The better able you are to appreciate your own myriad spectrum of vulnerability and strength, the better able you’ll recognize the humanity of other people, without any need for pedestals or the posturing of the ego. When it comes to personal projects, art, and spirituality - do you notice that you’ve been holding back from your meditative and creative self? Take a deep breath and let go of your resistance as you exhale. Just because you know what you really need to do for your own wellbeing doesn’t mean it needs to be so serious. Have fun. Be daring. Seize whatever time you need to nurture whatever constitutes the poetry of your existence. Take heart as you do this, and remember that no matter how much the odds seem stacked against you, the universe always conspires in your favor.

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