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Psychic Predictions for America

Soon after hearing the news of a Capitol takeover by Trump supporters this morning, I began to receive vivid insights into the unfolding narrative of America's future. I rarely receive collective premonitions such as these, but feel encouraged to relay the visions that spirit has chosen to impart.

Here are my predictions, given in the order in which they came to me:

Between 2023-2026 America will be in a state of rebuilding; I know this because I see a construction site to symbolize this phase. I also see the Lenormand lily card to show a long-term process of working toward peace.

By 2028 - an election year - America will see the establishment of a new regime. I see the White House on a bright green lawn and get a feeling of positivity to underscore the omen.

I also see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez very strongly in my mind's eye. That she keeps popping up in this vision of America's future suggests that she'll come to a prominent position of power in some way. I see her in a coral suit jacket, as well as the Empress card to represent her, where the Empress is associated with nurturing and stability. It feels like AOC is going to become something of a beloved leader; I see her smiling and coming onto a stage, greeted by thunderous cheers. I also see AOC standing in a field of wheat and distributing the fruits of harvest, showing that her policies and practices will likely be perceived as acts of generosity. Her star shines bright in my mind's eye; it feels like there's something about her destiny that bodes well not only for her life but the lives of others.

2036 is going to see a culmination of the Trump story in some way, perhaps beginning in 2032. If he's still alive by then, there's going to be something about his story that comes full circle. I get the feeling of consequences, and I do sense the legal imagery of a courtroom, as well as the word "deposition." If this comes to pass in a literal sense, Trump may face legal repercussions to some of his actions (I'm seeing the word "presidential," so it could be related to his breaking the law while in office) at that time. I also see courtroom drawings of Trump, and paparazzi lightbulbs flashing.

On a more immediate level, I see graffiti in relation to Kamala Harris, I hear booing, and I see her sitting on a stage for an interview but with the audience largely empty. I feel that Kamala Harris is going to be an unpopular figurehead. I'm not sure whether she'll replace Biden, but regardless, her rise to an even larger spotlight is eventually going to feel pretty uncomfortable for her - I get the feeling of a bright light shining on her face, which sends beads of sweat down her skin.

I also see stocks plummeting, which could either be symbolic of her low popularity, but could also have to do with a potential economic crash. I get the feeling of a "Great Depression: Part 2 / The Sequel," and I see Joe Biden's face in mind, so he may be in power when things start to go downhill on a fairly massive scale. Kamala Harris will pick up the reins in some way, but then I see if she were to do this literally in my vision - as in, pick up actual reins - people to the side of the horse-drawn carriage start throwing tomatoes at her.

I see that Kamala is going to come to embody everything wrong with the Democratic establishment. All of these developments set the stage for a turnover (amusingly, I see a turnover pastry in my mind's eye to confirm the word) in the American political arena. I see AOC shaking her head at Kamala Harris, which suggests AOC's disapproval and potential dissent against the mainstream rulership that Harris represents.

By 2052 I see the undersea kingdom from The Little Mermaid, as well as Atlantis. Granted, it's a long way off from now, but at that time the region of America will have reached a point of spiritual catharsis; I see typical futuristic utopian imagery to show that we will have reached a new age of being by that point. There's something deeply spiritual to that point in time; it feels like the environmental rupture and scarcity that we're going to experience is going to eventually yield a different way of being for this planet. I'm not sure what humanity's place will be by that time, but I get the feeling of restoration and reset for planet Earth.


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