All card readings can be given in person in Los Angeles or delivered remotely via phone call. Recorded readings are available by request.


10min - $12

A two-card reading that supplies a direct answer to a question or succinct guidance on an area of interest.


20min - $35

A 3x2 tarot and Lenormand reading describing the flow of events and emotional energy from past to future.


20min - $35

New moons are opportune portals for projects and new beginnings in all areas of life. Full moons, on the other hand, serve as optimal periods for bringing things to culmination or letting go of what needs to be released. This reading identifies a personal subject that the current or upcoming phase of the moon cycle brings into focus for you, as well as a gift from the universe that you have access to at this time. The consultation ends with a key insight that helps you understand how to best make use of the new or full moon's magic as you proceed.


20min - $35

A 3x2 tarot and Lenormand reading that helps you gain perspective on a specific area or event, or on your general life situation. This spread reveals what lesson you may be learning, as well as what attitudes or energies you would benefit from by letting go of. Reading this spread will also reveal what new perspective or circumstance you can welcome for the higher good of the situation and your personal growth. This format is extremely effective and one of my most recommended reading types!


20min - $35

A 6-card reading of both tarot and Lenormand cards. Each pair of cards reveals a perspective, attitude, or action that would be wise for you to adopt in light of whatever situation you're seeking guidance on. If you're looking for clarity and counsel on what kind of approach would serve your best interest, this is the reading for you.


35min - $65

This spread uses both tarot and Lenormand cards to provide clarity and counsel on a particular situation. In describing both the relevant psychological aspects and more concrete details of your area of interest, this reading helps you understand what's at stake and better decide on how you wish to proceed. This reading is particularly helpful for more complex questions or situations.


35min - $65

A 10-card tarot and Lenormand reading that describes the most probable future of the personal topic of your choice. This reading can, for example, describe the near-future terrain of your career, love life, or a specific relationship. We can specify a timeframe for the scope of the spread - a minimum of one month is recommended.


35min - $65

An in-depth reading of a particular situation or your general life circumstances. This ten-card spread provides insight on what's most important to you in the present moment and where you currently stand. The Celtic Cross then contextualizes your current circumstances by describing the past and most likely future, as well as suggests an approach or attitude that may be wise for you to adopt. If you're confused about a situation and would like greater detail and insight, this may be the perfect reading for you.


1hr - $120

A nine-card tarot spread that draws a map of your lower, middle, and upper selves, revealing what archetypes you tend to embody from the level of the shadow to the point of full integration. It is at the level of the higher self that you are most connected to who you are in total, and in which you are most able to access the gifts that you alone are capable of sharing with the world.


1hr - $120

A 1 hour consultation that reviews what you’ve learned over the past year and provides an in-depth overview of your life over the coming year. I use both tarot and lenormand decks to determine your major goals and lessons, as well as the gifts and challenges that either ease or obstruct your path. This reading also specifically examines your emotions and relationships; career, work, and finances; health and wellbeing; and spiritual energy and fulfillment. I also draw on intuitive insights in order to supplement the overall picture of the year to come and give you any messages that spirit wants you to be aware of. This is an excellent reading for birthdays and the beginning of the calendar year.


Price Varies

If you have a question that doesn't seem to fit any of the above reading types, please feel free to contact me so that we can determine a spread that better suits your curiosity or concern. I myself use more spreads than are listed here, so I'm well-equipped to suggest a useful alternative. Pricing will be in line with the readings you see on this page, where price is determined by the level of detail provided by the reading, as well as the time and energy required for interpretation.

mahiwaga, adj., tagalog.

mysterious, magical, what cannot be explained.

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